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We are Aligned London, a multi-disciplinary creative agency with a passion for producing stills and moving imagery for The Arts.

Capturing the spirit of creativity, the beauty of movement

From dance to theatre, opera to film we are passionate about capturing the arts in all its formats. From portraits that seek to expose the true essence of the artist to compositions that highlight the complexities and fragilities of the human condition - we take the job of documenting creativity as seriously as the performances we capture.

Dance is an art hard to capture. The rapid movement and lack of light make it almost impossible to frame. Jason not only makes wonderful compositions but he also captured the SOUL of Vertigo Dance Company's dancers."

Noa Wertheim 
Art Director, Vertigo Dance Company


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For general enquiries or if you are interested in talking to us about a new project contact Marie at:

Find Us:  Aligned London, Vivid Studios, Florentia Village, Vale Road, N4 1TD.

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