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About us


Our mission is to be our client’s indispensable creative partner on their quest to transform the world in which we live. Whether you’re looking to grow brand awareness, need help in developing exciting and thought-provoking campaigns or are in need of a safe and reliable pair of hands to oversee the production of your publication - if you’re here to do good in the world then we are here to help you succeed!

Meet the team

Jason Harris

Co-founder & Creative Director

Jason is the Creative Director at Aligned London.  He has vast experience across the creative industry. In fact, we wanted to list here something that Jason can’t take the lead on when it comes to Aligned London services.  We couldn’t.  Instead we are going to highlight his increasingly greying beard, which he likes to think of as representing all the love from previous clients.

If you insist, we will highlight Jason has decades of experience as Art Director; Magazine consultancy, redesign and production; Profile Photography; Brand (re)design and the implementation across all media forms from websites to stationary to large scale conference display. Jason loves a good campaign and has supported numerous organisations to achieve their campaign aims. Outside of the studio Jason loves to spend time with his family and even then, loves nothing more than capturing beautiful memories with his camera. 

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Marie Saldanha

Co-founder and administrator 

Marie has over fifteen years’ experience working in the public sector in policy, consultation and public involvement.

Outside of her role at Aligned, Marie is focused on being a mum to her three amazing children. Her creative endeavours have taken her on unexpected journeys and into the artistic world of clay modelling and home decor.

Ian Kaye

Co-founder, Finance & Commercial Director

Ian is the Finance and Commercial Director at Aligned London. He has been looking at all things financial for a very long time. Originally trained in one of the big 4 accounting firms, and later he completed his MBA at Cranfield School of Management.

He has worked in very large multi-national businesses as an accountant and change manager as well as numerous smaller businesses as a key member of the leadership team.

Outside of Aligned London Ian is a family man, who loves sport, business, and helping people on their individual journeys.  He is passionate about personal development hence he also provides Life and Executive Coaching.  He is a double-qualified Neuro Linguistic Programming trainer. Lastly, Ian is also Trustee at a college.

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Aligned London has a contact database of seasoned professionals that are absolute experts in their field.  We think of them as more than Associates. These are people we know and can rely on and have enjoyed working with for years. From photography to art direction, scriptwriting to video editing, to brand strategy and everything in between we have additional resources that we call upon to ensure your brief gets the focus, skill and dedication it deserves. 

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For general enquiries or if you are interested in talking to us about a new project contact Marie at:

Find Us:  Aligned London, Vivid Studios, Florentia Village, Vale Road, N4 1TD.

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