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Sandbrook Playgroup

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Jason has taken photographs of the children at Sandbrook Community Playgroup for the last five years. He is a complete perfectionist and his photographs always look absolutely amazing. It is not easy working with young children as we all know, but Jason has never ending patience good humour and as a result, always manages to get a perfect shot of each child. He captures their individual character and uniqueness and our parents are always thrilled to get a lasting memento of their child's first few years. From my own personal experience, I can also say that Jason is willing to go the extra mile for children who insist on having their pet in the photograph with them. His photographs of my own children with our beloved dog takes pride of place on our wall at home. We are eternally grateful to Jason for ignoring the age-old advice of never working with children and animals!"

Vanessa Linehan 
Sandbrook Manager

Sandbrook Community Playgroup



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