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Momentum Ltd, London, UK

My Role

Brand consultant
Designer and Photographer
Key Responsibilities
Brand creation and development
Promotional materials
Website design

Momentum is a people-powered, grassroots movement born out of the massive support Jeremy Corbyn received in the Labour leadership contest of 2015.  


Since its launch Momentum's aim has been to transform society at every level. From standing with low-paid workers to win the living wage, helping organise communities to prevent local services from closing down, to being responsible for mobilising thousands of volunteers to campaign on behalf of Labour at the 2017 General Election, the 50,000 strong organisation (with over 200,000 supporters) has fast become a formidable political organisation and a force to be reckoned with both within the Labour movement and in British politics.


I was involved from the very beginning, and as such was responsible for developing a brand at a stage when Momentum didn't have a name or a clear idea of what they could achieve and what they would become.


Working closely with the founding members, Jon Lansman, Adam Klug, Emma Rees and James Schneider, I developed various brand identities (a few of which are shown below) with the final design being selected on the basis that it had close visual links to the Corbyn logo developed for his 2015 leadership campaign.

Momentum brand ideas 1
Momentum brand ideas 2
Momentum brand ideas 3
John McDonnell in front of Momentum banner
Momentum evening at the Troxy
Momentum t-shirt
Momentum Facebook Page
Brand Creation

Development of the brand

An evolutionary refresh

Given its close association to Corbyn's campaign brand of 2015, Momentum's logo was only ever intended to be an interim identity to help establish the fledgling organisation. 


Momentum's first birthday seemed the perfect time to go back and address this and so in the autumn of 2016 the movement finally unveiled its new brand.


One of my main aims in the redesign was to soften the logo without completely moving away from its origins so by using the italicised version from the same font family, changing the letters from uppercase to lowercase and linking the characters together it instantly gave Momentum a much friendlier, fresher and far more dynamic look.

Jason was integral to both Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership campaigns and Momentum. Both the Corbyn campaign and Momentum owes a massive debt of gratitude to him.

Emma Rees

Momentum National Organiser
Momentum Leaflets
Momentum website.jpg
Momentum Flyer
Momentum against Fascism.jpg
Momentum merch
Promotional Materials
Website design
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